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Community Building, Thrive Tuesday, The Pantry, and Writing Wednesday are just some of the services we offer.

Community Building

In addition to providing students with resources to help them become successful academically, Thrive welcomes students by being a place of community that resembles home to many of our students, and creates a sense of belonging while enhancing their college experience.

Thrive Tuesday

Each week the members of Thrive join together to share a meal with each other and sometimes other members of the Starkville and Mississippi State community. This allows the students to know that they will always have a warm meal they can count on each week. It also creates a safe place for the students to discuss their lives and build relationships with one another.

The Pantry

Thrive wants to make sure that none of our students go hungry or without basic life essentials. Because of this, we provide a fully stocked pantry full of lunch and snack items along with household and toiletry items. The students have access to these resources throughout the day and often come in to enjoy lunch together. We are extremely thankful for the donors who make this pantry possible!

Writing Wednesday

To help students be successful, MSU Thrive intentionally works to keep students engaged with the Learning Center. One of the great aspects of The Learning Center is its tutoring program where students can receive one on one tutoring throughout the semester.  In addition to turtoring, on Wednesdays the Thrive graduate assistant offers the students aid with their school papers and writing formatting. Students often use this resource to get their papers edited and seek help when they are having trouble with writing assignments.